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Time escape is a die and retry, speed run type of game.

As the player, you play a time traveler who needs to escape from a factory. You can dash and have the capability to teleport back on your "ghost", which follows you, doing exactly the same movements as you, only two seconds later.

This game is a student project made in one week, we hope you will enjoy it!

PC Controls

Q S D Z - Move 

X - Teleportation on the ghost

Space bar - Dash

Joystick Controls (recommend)

A - Dash

X - Teleportation on the ghost

Y- Controls

Start and Select - Main menu


Programming - Guillaume Bertrand and Matide Rodrigues

Art - Romain Vuarchex and Claire Legrand

Design - Léonard Vuilot, Maxime Gaulier and Pierre Mallet

Les Cerfiteurs
AuthorsLes Cerfiteurs, RomainVUARCHEX
Tagsdie--retry, Speedrun, Unity


Time Escape.rar 16 MB